Small Announcement

A comic series that I drew and wrote was recently published in the anthology Drawing the Line by Zubaan Books with support from the Goethe Institut, New Delhi. The book came out of an intensive seven-day workshop held in the summer of 2014 in the quiet and wholesome Anandagram, Sanskriti Kendra, on the outskirts of Delhi, with seventeen other 'first-time' and practicing artists. It was an appropriately nurturing setting for some heavy-duty questioning of the patriarchy and misogyny that women have to deal with in subtle and obvious ways through art. I won't forget the sumptuous breakfasts and the sunny morning coffees outside the workshop where we worked, chatted and brainstormed!

We were happy to share more about our stories in the book as featured on Strip Tease.

My contribution is a bunch of short graphic
segments featuring an anthropomorphic pigment named "Melanin". It's my way of relating to our unconscious and conscious facial/racial/body biases in the media and everyday life.

While I think I had managed to show a single page of finished artwork at the end of the workshop (given my history of performance-anxiety when put into a room with other creative-types) the months that followed saw me holed-up to get about 10 pages drawn, written and ready for print. I enjoyed every day of drawing this comic and the only reason I don't do it more is because illustrating can be excruciatingly isolating. Still, the whole experience is inspiring and I'm raring to do more.

The Human Bean

Saffron, sensation, crimson, kiss,
Fear, rapture, a sneeze, an itch,
Just tiny electrical impulses and,
The occasional technical glitch.

Imagine plants, the animal kingdom,
Our superlative human race
— all that we are, are some,
Molecules floating in space!